Missing Ministry

Ever since God placed adoption on our hearts, Andrew and I knew we wanted to make foster care our ministry.

I wanted to advocate for the kids, dispell the myths of the system, and spread the word of the vast need.

Everything about Josie's adoption reinforced that God's hand was in adoption.

And then DFCS quit calling.

We seriously haven't had any calls for children in well over 6 months.

I've been tempted to change my blog header since we aren't exactly "journeying through life as a foster family" right now.

It's hard to advocate for something that we aren't actively involved in.

I was starting to question if maybe we were done fostering and adopting.

Maybe Josie would be our only child.

We still aren't sure if God will lead us to adopt again, but he has given us a fresh opportunity that we are really excited about.

Starting at the end of Janurary, Andrew and I are linking up with Faith Hope Adoption to teach a class all about all types of adoption.

This class is the exact one that Andrew and I attended right before we decided to adopt. In fact, it was this class that calmed my nerves enough to even think about adoption.

We are finishing up the training hours now and can't wait to start our first class!

If you live in the area and have ever considered adoption but aren't sure where to start or what the risks really are, come join us!

Our first class will be in Peachtree City. I'll have the location soon and will let you know.

Please email me if you'd like to come!

And please pray for us. I'm not a fan of public speaking, but I am a fan of adoption so I'm sucking it up and going for it!


Sunny Tuesday said...

I have always wanted to be a foster parent and adopt! I think what you're doing is wonderful. I hope your class is able to help lead people in the direction of adoption and be a spark that ignites the journey of a child to their forever home. I'll pray for that.

Misty said...

I've have been following your blog for a while but have never posted. My DH and I are currently going through the roller coaster of adoption. I think it's great that you will talk at this class. Hearing as many stories as possible is very encouraging.

Vanessa said...

My husband and I also have the desire to adopt. It has been growing for the past 4 years. We are just praying and waiting and asking God when He wants us to start the process. We are going to a seminar at our church Sunday. Looking forward to getting some more info. I'm sure many people will be ministered to through your class!

Amber said...

Their going to call! I have a feeling y'all aren't done yet. In fact today at the library, they had a poster in the lobby for becoming a foster parent and the info to call. They just put it up the past few weeks because it wasn't there before Christmas. You'll do fine speaking. Your passionate about it and your love for Josie is a great testimony for anyone to hear.

Lindsay said...

I barely comment, but my parents are foster paretns and adopted my almost 2 year old brother from foster care.. I know for almost all of the babys (15) in the past 3 years have mostly come about by bugging.. I mean calling the social worker cause we know there are kids out there they just never call... that is how my parents even become the 2 year forever family!

Good luck teaching your class!!

Anonymous said...

Care to comment on Open Adoption? Synopsis of the situation:

Me: Mom of Boy (3) and Girl (1), part-time executive director of small inner-city non-profit, live in inner city Chicago in the community we serve. Childcare 15 hours weekly. Have always hoped to foster/adopt.

Husband: Commutes 90 minutes daily out to suburban job at Motorola. Big cheerleader for city ministry, foster care, adoption.

Pregnant Mama: Had first child at age 12 (closed adoption); another child passed away; third child age 9 girl raised by PM's sister; fourth child less than a year old, raised for several months in state penitentiary with PM, now raised by paternal gramma. 4 babies' daddies, all incarcerated. PM herself incarcerated for drug dealing; released in April; homeless since then. Many barriers to success (illiterate, no ID, no address, resistance); hepatitis C; past and possibly ongoing prostitution. Dear, devoted boyfriend [probable father] gives up single-person housing to be homeless with PM; mild mental retardation.

PM and boyfriend frequent our ministry site, and--on one very cold, odd, Spirit-led night--stayed overnight at our house. (We slept with both kids in our bed!) Boyfriend is a dear, devoted soul, and PM, for all her troubles, has an intensely soft side. Social workers from her childhood still remember her and seek her out.

PM aborted one child this fall and is now seeking an Open Adoption with someone she knows--there's a short list of those she will consider. She wants weekly visits, day-before-holiday visits, and to be there to pierce a girl's ears. :)

Thoughts on this crazy situation? There's an innocent, beautiful baby ready to pop on the scene in a few months! And a mama in need of much grace and redemption.


(And I love your blog...I found it by happy coincidence through MckMama's.)

kimmer said...

I think it's awesome that you and Andrew are going to do this!!!! It will be a good experience for you and also helping others at the same time! Just talk about things as if you were speaking to your friends and try to relax...you will be wonderful!!!