Oh yes, I'm that lame.

Would you believe that Andrew and I had never played a Wii before Saturday night?

The Glovers felt pity on us for being so sheltered and invited us over for dinner and some gaming.

Which thrilled Josie to no end.

Everett was Josie's first friend and they haven't seen much of eachother this past year. They had a great time catching up over Playdoh.

2009 011

2009 026

While we made complete fools of ourselves on the Wii.

2009 034

Andrew has a much better gamer face then I do.

2009 058

Ah well.

2009 057

My ridiculous faces must have distracted Tiffany cause I ended up winning at bowling.

Which never happens in real life so I was pleased!

Even little bit got in on the games.

She wanted to be a cat but didn't quite understand what the heck she was doing!

2009 047

Cash on the other hand?

2009 046

The kids a natural!


Kameron said...

I love the Wii! It is so fun and interactive!

Lani said...

I love wii we have one and don't play it enough. I can't wait till izzy is old enough to actually be able to play with us

bri said...

that looks like so much fun!! Love the faces! Cracking up!