Just Like Grandpa

Josie's Grandpa and Grandma came up from Florida to spend a couple days with us.

I love, love, love having my family here.

And so does Josie!

2009 011

My Dad is an amazing artist and it seems like Josie is going to take after him.

They spent the entire two days painting and drawing!

2009 009

And the arting got even more intense when Josie opened her Christmas gift!

2009 026

Gator clothing is only allowed when Grandpa and Grandma are visiting!

2009 034

2009 043

Thank you guys for the perfect gift for our budding artist!

2009 047


Kameron said...

It is so good to foster a love of art so early! She looks like she is well on her way!!

bri said...

TOO cute! She is very creative just like her mama too!

Bear is loving his easel as well! I love watching the mind of a toddler unfold onto paper/chalkboard :).

I was starting to wonder when I saw her in the gator dress! LOL then saw the explanation... that makes sense :).