The Man Of My Dreams

Saturday night this handsome man:


Brought me these gorgeous flowers:


And a super sweet singing card:


And took me out on a great date.

We even got to send this sweet little thing to her Nana's for the night!


She was packed up and ready to go about 3 hours before it was actually time to leave.

She's a fan of her Nana!

One of our goals for the new year is to have a scheduled, planned out, actual date night once a month. We go on a lot of random, spur of the moment outings together, but rarely ever take time to put together something intentional.

Saturday night was going to be our first one of the year and when we found out our church has a ministry called Diner Car we decided that was what we wanted to do for date night.

Diner Car is a awesome ministry. Basically once a month, married couples in the church go out together to a place they probably wouldn't normally go.

We had such a great time! We are still new to the church so we don't really know anyone yet and this was the perfect way to start plugging in. We met everyone at the church and then rode with a great couple to Franks Steakhouse in Fayetteville.

We sat with a few couples that we probably never would have gotten the chance to talk to (we were the youngest couple there by quite a few years!) and they were so much fun! We fit right in and I think the only time we weren't laughing was when the yummy food came out!

We topped the night off with fresh strawberry cheesecake that pretty much knocked the Cheesecake Factory out of the water!

On the way home we talked about how great the night was. It was so nice to get dressed up and taken out. I felt like we were dating again.

I am already super excited to see what we decide to do for our February date!


Amber said...

Yay Andrew for being the good husband this week! He needs to teach my husband some lessons...