Getting My Feet Wet

Alternatly titled:
So Many Fish In The Sea
Gone Fishing
Holy Moly, Josie is almost 3!
After wondering around Hobby Lobby for well over two hours, I finally came up with what I wanted to do for Josie's invitations.
I walked out with brass fasteners and 8 sheets of scrapbook paper.
An hour later, I was surrounded by fish!



I love invitations. They set the mood for the shindig!


The fishes eye is a brass fastener so the fish swings open and I wrote the info on the inside.

Josie's Turning 3 Under The Sea!


And while I was in Birthday Execution Mode, I finished up the sheet for the game.


We are hanging this up and letting the kids "fish" for prizes!


I'm starting to get excited!!!


Lani said...

Can you come to my house and help me with Izzy's party which is Sunday? I have no theme, no games or activities and no motivation. All i know is I am making cupcake cones for dessert. I am so lame! Poor Izzy

Amber said...

Cute! Olivia cannot wait to fish for prizes!

Sheena said...

soo crafty and cute! I'm def gonna have to get some ideas from you on my future parties! I'm excited for the party already! When is it?

The Smith Family said...

Okay, so our beadboard for that large of a wall was $8o.oo
We needed 4 pieces, and had quite a few big scraps left.
I'm trying to decide what to use them on around here. lol.
I already had the paint, and the shelf portion only cost about $15.00.
So I guess a grand total of about $100.00. It was definitely the most expensive project that we've done yet. But I really wanted the look of that thick beadboard there.
PLUS we aren't the MOST handy people ever, so seriously, this project took us only about an hour and a half. Because the work is already done for you. All you have to do is cut the boards to the height you want, put some paneling glue on the back, a couple of nails, and wa-la! It was great.
Hope that helps! Good luck with your project!
Shelley Smith

kimmer said...

WOW!!! You little party planner you!!! I love the theme and the kids are going to have so much fun!!! Hoping I can be there in person for Josie's big day! Love. Love!