Trick Or Treat

Josie's first Trick or Treating Night was a big success!

After debating with my Mom over what would be better, wine or coffee, before trick or treating, we settled on Cari-Boo's buy one get one free Coffee!
Luckily, Mom's huge hat qualified as a costume so we could partake of the deal!
minnesotatrip 040
Our first stop was to my Mom's childhood friend, Cindy's, house.

Josie was so excited!
minnesotatrip 041
Until we discovered that Cindy was sound asleep and hadn't made it to the store for any treats yet!
No tricks from this Little Red though!
minnesotatrip 042
Our next stop was completely prepared!
After all, Josie was the guest of honor at this party house!
minnesotatrip 043
When I was growing up, my Aunt Suzy and Uncle Doug threw a huge Halloween Party ever single year.
And every year, all the kids would line up on these stairs for a group picture.
minnesotatrip 048
Our group has changed quite a bit, but a stair picture is still a must!

Uncle Doug brought out the album of all the pictures through the years. It was hilarious to see how everyone changed over the years!

We ate chili, told stories, and handed out candy.

Which totally confused Josie.

The first little Trick or Treater made the mistake of putting her basket on the inside of the door where Josie proceeded to remove the candy from her bag and say, "Thanks!"
minnesotatrip 049
After we explained that she would need to go to the outside of doors to collect her candy, that is wasn't a delivery service, she was ready to head out!
minnesotatrip 054
Nothing like a winter coat under the costume to bring back memories of Trick or Treating in Minnesota!
minnesotatrip 051
We went to our first real house, she collected her treat, and decided that was all she needed.

She was having more fun hanging out with these ladies then out on the streets begging for candy!
minnesotatrip 055
Most the ladies were witches.

I went as the frazzled mother of a napless two year old.
I play that part really well and just happened to have the costume!
In fact, I'm wearing it again today!

Aunt Suzy went all Martha Stewart on us and whipped up some glitter bat glasses and a batty headband.
minnesotatrip 056
minnesotatrip 060
We wrapped up the night with a dance party where Josie was the center of attention.
minnesotatrip 059
minnesotatrip 068
And by dance party I mean full on rave complete with strobe light and glow sticks.
minnesotatrip 065
minnesotatrip 066
Definatly a night to remember.

Thanks Uncle Doug and Aunt Suzy for taking my back to my childhood and letting me experience my daughter enjoying Halloween exactly the way I did.
You guys are the King and Queen of Halloween!


Brooke said...

She makes the cutest Little Red!! Oh, and T has the same PB pumpkin bag.