The Halloween Capital Of The World!

Happy Halloween Y'all!

Josie and I woke up to big, huge, SNOWFLAKES falling all around!

Luckily, the sun came out and the temps began to climb just in time for us to head out for the Anoka Halloween Parade!

How did I live here for 17 years and not know that our little town is the Halloween Capital of the WORLD?!?!

We got a chance to get together with one of my best friends from high school and her gorgeous four month old daughter, Scarlett for the parade too!
minnesotatrip 022
This baby girl is stunning.
minnesotatrip 023
Josie is pretty much in Candy Heaven right now.
minnesotatrip 024
minnesotatrip 028
minnesotatrip 029
minnesotatrip 031
I find it so completely odd that my friends have babies now!
minnesotatrip 033
minnesotatrip 034
minnesotatrip 035
The first half of the parade was warm and sunny, but the winds shifted and the temp dropped a good 10 degrees in just a few minutes so we decided to leave a bit early.
minnesotatrip 038

Now we're off to get our hood on and head out to my Aunt's amazing Halloween Party!