Show Offs

Last night, Josie's Uncle Aaron, Aunt Katie, and Buddy Charlie came over to carve pumpkins with her.

My brother and Charlie are both artists, so I tried to get Josie to choose to be their partner for carving, but she didn't take my advice and ended up with me.

I can work some magic with a can of spray paint, but I quickly learned I need to work on my pumpkin carving creativity!
minnesotatrip 240
I hadn't carved a pumpkin in well over 15 years.
minnesotatrip 243
minnesotatrip 246
minnesotatrip 247
minnesotatrip 248
I knew I was in trouble when I glanced over and noticed Charlie was making a draft of what his pumpkin was going to be.
minnesotatrip 250
And when Aaron requested a power tool and made shavings on his pumpkins beard, I knew my pumpkin was going to be pretty wimpy.
minnesotatrip 251
minnesotatrip 254
minnesotatrip 255
Our pumpkin was closed up and lit about an hour before Aaron and Charlie wrapped theirs up!
minnesotatrip 256
But Josie was proud of our little Jack'o Lantern and that's all that matters to me!
minnesotatrip 258
minnesotatrip 228
They finished up around 10 PM.
minnesotatrip 234
Show offs.
minnesotatrip 233


bri said...

haha your posts crack me up!

yours was very FUN!

that is amazing; people that can do the pumpkin art always intrigue me. I think if i had lots of time to sit down and think it through I could come up with something but getting it to look like that on my pumpkin is another story!!! lol

great fun!

aaron said...

your brother's pumpkin rules. charlie's... meh.