Home Sweet Home

One of my favorite things to do is look at other people's houses.

I'm one of those creepers who gets excited when people leave their blinds open and lights on at night so I can see in their windows as I drive by.

Andrew calls me a stalker, but I say I just like to get decorating ideas.

And its not like I get out of my car and go peek in the windows!

I love blogging because I get a chance to look at lots of people's houses without any risk of being arrested for spying!

And since we are all so very much alike, I know you like house peeking too.

So let me welcome you inside my Mommy's house!

My Mom's house is basically my favorite place in the World to be.

We moved into this house when I was about 10. My Stepdad built it himself and it was the perfect house for our family.

It's rainy and cold out, so you'll have to wait for a picture of the outside, but here is a peek at her garden from our bay window.
minnesotatrip 200
Who's garden looks this good in October in Minnesota?!?!
This thing is crazy beautiful in the Spring and Summer.

My Mom redid the kitchen a year ago and it turned out gorgeous!
minnesotatrip 206
minnesotatrip 205
This house is decorated exactly the way I wish mine was.
I have to remind myself that my Mom has been decorating it, bit by bit, for over 16 years and that we've only lived in ours for 2!

Her decorating is all about details that describe who we are as a family.
minnesotatrip 203
My Stepdad built her this corner hutch.
minnesotatrip 207
minnesotatrip 208
minnesotatrip 209
I love the details and all the family pictures.
minnesotatrip 210
minnesotatrip 211
minnesotatrip 212
I'm totally stealing her style of simplifying the mantle.
minnesotatrip 213
The entertainment center is covered in pictures!
minnesotatrip 216
My Mom hand stenciled this on the Master Bedroom walls.
minnesotatrip 217
I love that everything in this house "goes" together instead of being matchy matchy!

Ohhh, look at those cute little kids!!!
minnesotatrip 227
My Big Brother and I had full domain of the upstairs.
We were allowed complete and total decorating freedom over our rooms.

My Brother had an entire wall signed by friends with lots of graffiti.
It was amazing.

Then he moved out and my mom painted the room yellow and turned it into a nursery for the Grandbabies! (which I can't show since there is a certain grandbaby asleep in there right now!)

My room started out an insanely bright blue with a teal bathroom.
It was bright and funky.

Then we redecorated it when I started high school and for some reason I decided on stars and moons.
I still have no idea what made me do that.

Regaurdless, I haven't lived here in ten years yet my room is basically the same way it was the day I left.
minnesotatrip 220
minnesotatrip 223
I had one request when we were deciding on a floor plan, I wanted window seats. And I got three of them!
minnesotatrip 224
While the window seats were great, it made a slight problem in the bathroom.
This super short mirror was fine when I was 10, but not so great when I was 13!
minnesotatrip 225
So we added a vanity.
minnesotatrip 226
I still love to get ready at this thing.

So there's a peek at my Mom's house.
I didn't ask if she minded if I posted her house on the WWW, but it's too pretty not to share!