Minnesota Arboretum

While the other Mocha Mamas were having playgroup yesterday, Josie and I had our own play date at the Minnesota Arboretum!
minnesotatrip 138
My grandma, Josie's Great Gramma Jackie, was able to come spend the day with us too!
Minnesota is in the full swing of apple picking season so we went to the apple orchard to pick up a couple bags of fresh apples before going to the Fall Unplugged exhibit.minnesotatrip 156
I don't think I've ever seen as many gourds and pumpkins as I have in the past three days! The things are everywhere!
And they are huge!
minnesotatrip 154
Josie was so smiley and excited. Which was a huge surprise for me since we are on day four of no napping.
minnesotatrip 161
I think she might just be delirious from sleep deprivation and brain freeze.
minnesotatrip 162
Fall Unplugged was gorgeous.

Scarecrows all around.
minnesotatrip 163
minnesotatrip 165
minnesotatrip 166
Gardens everywhere you looked (even though blooming season is way over here, it was still so pretty!)
minnesotatrip 169
My mom stepped right in the pond.
She's good like that.
minnesotatrip 171
And the leaves.
Oh the leaves!
minnesotatrip 172
Golden, red, bright, beautiful.
minnesotatrip 173
minnesotatrip 174
God is in every season.
Even the cold ones!
minnesotatrip 175
minnesotatrip 177
minnesotatrip 137
When we got too cold, we headed in to see more pumpkins.
minnesotatrip 179
minnesotatrip 180
Minnesotans love them some pumpkins.
minnesotatrip 181
minnesotatrip 182
minnesotatrip 185 minnesotatrip 184
We missed playgroup, but ended up having a pretty fun day here in Minnesota!


Amber said...

The leaves are gorgeous! I wish we had fall leaves like that down here! :(

Tara said...

looks like you are having a great time. I found your blog though another one. I am also in the Atlanta area!