The Round Barn

minnesotatrip 019
The Round Barn is one of those shops that makes my heart pitter patter as soon as I pull in the parking lot.
If I could pay these ladies to come decorate my house I would be one happy camper.
minnesotatrip 017
Every corner, errr rounded edge, of this Round Barn holds treasures.
I could spend all day here.
minnesotatrip 015
And even though I am heading up a campaign against putting out Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, I decided I'm perfectly OK with early Christmas if it looks this good!
minnesotatrip 014
The Round Barn is located in Anoka Minnesota so if you're ever in the area, make sure you stop in.

Just be sure you brought an extra suitcase if you're traveling.

It was no fun trying to shove our new treasures in an already stuffed suitcase!


bri said...

WHAT A FUN PLACE! My kind of shopping there :).

Crystal said...

Nicole, I hope you and Josie made it home safely. I know how hard it is to say good bye to family so just say "see ya next time" in your best Southern voice! (: