I Will Not Cry

Josie and I are heading back to our Georgia Home in a little over 4 hours.

I miss Andrew like crazy and can't wait to wrap my arms around him.

But this is the part of my life that is so, so very bittersweet.

Returning to my husband, but leaving behind my family.

Pray for me. I'll be spending the rest of this morning desperatly trying not to cry.

My Mom and Josie will do enough of that for the three of us.


Kate said...

So sorry :( I know how you feel, my family lives about 1000 miles away and every time I leave them it's so hard! Especially now that I have kids who love their "Grandma Lisa" so much.

kimmer said...

My, oh my.....what can I say? I was able to hold back the tears until the last kiss was blown as I left you at the entrance to security. It was wonderful having you here for such a great visit. Josie is an amazing little girl and you are such a fabulous Mommy!!!! Thank you for being exactly who you are! Makes me feel so Proud and Happy to be your Mom and your friend!!! What a great blessing!!!! My house is so quiet...I missed you the minute you were both gone, but you are so much in my heart and mind that it's all ok....I love you! mom

aaron said...

don't forget me... i miss the hell out of you kids!