She's Moving On Up

In 3 short months my Little Baby Boo will turn 3.

Sniff, sniff.

I'm in total denial about it. For some reason 3 just seems SO much older then 2!

But whether I like it or not, she will be 3 and that is the magic age that we decided we would transition Josie into a Big Girl Room.

I'm still a little apprehesious about it since she sleeps upstair. But I'm pretty sure she will stay in her room until someone comes to get her if she wakes up at night.

So the plan is to move her into what is now our guest room which will probably stay her room for the rest of her days under our roof.

Since I've been such a Debbie Downer lately, I'm trying to throw myself into decorating a super fun Big Girl Room for little Josie.

Projects always cheer me up!

First on my list; pick a quilt.

The entire theme will come from the quilt. The only problem is, I know exactly what I want and cannot seem to find it.

(Although I am secretly praying that Cluck Cluck Sew will make me this Pink Houses Quilt!)

I do know that I want to stick with bright pink, baby blue, and green as the main colors.

Here are a few that I've narrowed it down to, but if you know of any quilters that are reasonably priced, let me know!

First up:

I love, love, love this quilt made by Orange Peel. I think the colors are pretty dang close to what I'm looking for. Problem then? It's a bit small. I think she says this one is more suited for a crib quilt. I haven't decided if that is an issue or not since the quilt will spend most of it's time folded at the foot of the bed.

Here's another beaut! Cluck Cluck Sew seems to be right up my ally too.

I really, really love this one by Mama 'n' Mia, but it's a bit pricey.

The brightness of this one makes me think it would be perfect for my spunky little girl. Why oh why did you only make it toddler bed sized Kristen Jane!?!?!

I spotted this one during my daily browze around Pottery Barn Kids. I like it and I would know it was great quality, but I kind of have me heart set on her getting something original.

This is the last one. It's from Land Of Nod, which I love. What I don't love is the price. I'd have to be certain that she would stick with it well into her teen years, which I kind of think she would. The colors are exactly in the scheme I'm thinking of.

So ladies, which one do you like???


mcgee c & me said...

I think that if you can sew a straight line...you can make Josie her quilt! all of those patterns you picked are VERY easy! the ones by cluck cluck sew that you selected are all just long strips of three pieces of material sewn together and then chopped into the square size and then arranged and sewed. The big block ones are also very easy to assemble. Quilting is becoming popular again so it shouldn't be too hard to find someone to mentor you if you are struggling, go to your fabric store and see who they recommend. The basic tools required besides a sewing machine are just a cutting mat, rotary cutter and a ruler (the clear ones with the lines so you can see your material through to cut things straight) and if you invest in them, you'd probably find them to be great tools for other sewing projects in the future.
I'd let you come use my stuff no problem but Canada is probably a little farther than you want to travel.
Once you get the top of the quilt made, you can either pay someone to machine or hand quilt it, tie it yourself, or quilt it yourself (which I wouldn't recommend unless you have sewing friends as it is tiresome handquilting your first project) I just went to the local church and learned to handquilt in the basement with the ladies mission society.
you could totally do it!

mcgee c & me said...

your post makes me want to get into my sewing room and just start going at it again...it has been awhile since I've quilted...

Brooke said...

I love the one from Land of Nod, but agree with the first commentor. As talented as you are with sewing, you could easily take on this project and she would be so happy years down the road knowing her quilt was made by her mom.

kimmer said...

Oh...Beautiful!!! I do think you could make Josie's quilt yourself!!! I actually have a cutting mat , rotary cutter and the clear ruler (I think), because I was going to do "paper piecing", which is a form of quilting. So you could have my stuff if you want to try it. You could do a pillow first, maybe. Also, I know 2 of my friends that have sent their quilts to be machine quilted once they are ready for that final step. We could have them quilt it! All of these are so pretty! And don't be sad...3 is still Really Little and it's so fun watching Josie grow and learn! It'll just keep getting better!