A New Kind Of Girls Night!

2009 006

Friday night was originally going to be a Triple Date Night.

Then we discovered babysitters were scarce.

And then the guys all ended up having to work late.

And then we decided that after a long week, cozying up in our jammies on the couch with the three sweetest little girls, a glass of wine, and a Disney movie sounded like a perfect Friday Night!

Amber made some amazing Lasagna and Garlic Bread for dinner and we spent the rest of the night making business plans and watching "UP."

Oh, and loving on the Little Ones.

2009 002

I swear Olivia Kate loves me!

Matalie was a fan of "UP."

2009 003

Heck, she's a fan of anything cartoony!

It was a perfect Girls Night.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, my Girlfriends are the best.

They keep me sane. They keep me going. They make me laugh on nights that I feel like curling up in a ball and crying. They are seriously the greatest.

So I guess long gone are my days of spending Friday Nights out finding mischief.

Turns out I'd much rather spend them in.


kimmer said...

I am super happy that you know the joy of friendship!!! Those girls will be there for you...and you for them through the thick and the thin!!!! And I'm not just talking about waistlines!!! HaHa!!!!
I love you, my girl, and am so happy to be your mama!! love, love, love you, too!!!!

Brooke said...

"Up" is one of those happy/sad mvoies that made me get teary-eyed!