Trying My Bestest

I'm trying my dangedest to keep my head held high.

To not pout.

To not feel like the World is conspiring against us.

How ironic that the month of Giving Thanks is the one I'm having the most difficulty finding things to be Thankful for.

Let's hope the sun coming out, the leaves being gorgeous, and the flowers still blooming are a sign of better things to come.

2009 009

2 Day Until Andrew Checks Back In To His Griffin Store.

And yes, I'm counting down.

Wednesday can't come fast enough.

PS - That little fuzzball head up there is easy to be Thankful for!


Kameron said...

Sometimes it is hard not to get sucked into the things that are troubling us. I think we all do it. For some reason the bad stuff is so much easier to focus on because we fell we have to "do" something about it, whereas the good stuff is just to be enjoyed. Keep your head up girlie!