$1.50 Project

While I was tearing through the Halloween stuff on clearance at Target I spotted this scratched up silver tray.

There wasn't a price tag, but I figured I'd bring it up front and try to wrangle a good deal.

The lady asked if I'd take it for $2.50.

While I would have paid that, I decided to try my hand at fanagling an even lower price, gotta sharpen that skill before garage sale season!

I ended up getting it for $1.50. I'm pretty sure I could have gotten it for under $1.00 but I got scared and just paid the $1.50!

2009 007

It sat on my counter while I had my pity party last week and when I finally snapped out of it, I grabbed the abandoned can of Heirloom White that Amy mistakenly left in my care.

2009 008

And ended up with this:

2009 003

It could use another coat of black on the letters, but I was pretty impressed with my freehand.

And while I was at it, I spruced up my lamp:

2009 004

Amazing how a little scrap of ribbon can make me really fall in love!