Getting Holly Jolly

I'll confess that I did break out my Christmas stuff on Thursday. Our Thanksgiving dinner was late in the day and JK and I were needing something to do.
But yesterday marked the real start to the Christmas fun!
You'll have to excuse my look. I used a ton of Modge Podge and obviously do not know what a "well ventilated area" is. My head was killing me.
Josie and I decided to make some cookies while we waited for Andrew to get home.
The girl likes to cook.


And yes Amber, it does keep getting scarier everyday!
When Andrew got home, we got down to business setting up our ghetto tree that doesn't plug into itself. There are a whole lotta extension cords going on in there!



Everything about last night made me over the top excited for Christmas this year.

Josie was absolutely in awe of the lights and the ornaments and the music and the bells! This will truely be the first Christmas that she will be able to take in all the excitement of Christmas and I cannot wait.

She is going to freak when we go to the Christmas Parade next weekend!


We let her go to town putting all the ornaments on the tree!


Which resulted in all of them being under two feet and multiple ornaments on each branch!




And of course, our Angel put the Angel on the tree.


I really wasn't expecting her to be so precious about everything. All the "Ohhh's" and "Ahhh's" were adorable.

I can't wait for her to really grasp the true reason for the Season. We having been talking about Baby Jesus being born and how he grew up and saved the World, but she is still putting it all together.


We are hanging the outside lights tonight and have a lot of Christmas Fun planned for the next few weeks so come back and check it out!

For now, I'm extremely late getting ready for the annual Sister's Brunch!


Amber said...

haha...That's my girl! I love that scary smile! Oh and she was melting my heart last night with the "I love you's."