Sister's Brunch

Yesterday was the Annual Sister's Brunch at Darlene's cousin, Debrah's house.

I love this group of women and hate that we all only see eachother a couple times a year.

2009 295

This year the little girls were old enough to have their own table!

2009 292

They were so sweet and well behaved!

Last year they all showed up wearing black dresses with red flowers and we had to laugh when we walked in this year and they were all in red!

This is little Avery, who Josie calls "Angry."

2009 293

The food is always so delish! Debrah does an amazing job.

2009 294

The older I get, the more I cherish days like yesterday.

Spending time with other women from all different spots in life is inspiring and helps give me roots. I think women can learn so much from eachother and offer such support.

I just came to the realization of how important my girlfriends are in my life this year, and I'm glad that I finally get that about family too.

2009 296

Josie got to pick a name for the awesome door prize.

And I let her come home with me even though she didn't pick my name!

2009 297

For the love of sweetness!

2009 298

Deborah got all the little girls lipgloss.

Josie hasn't put hers down. I should probably read the label to make sure it's OK for her to consume it in large amounts!

As these pictures show, my girl loves her some shiny lips!

2009 303

2009 301

Which makes for a better picture then last year I guess:


And just cause ya'll know how much I love a comparison picture:




2009 291

Thank you again Deborah! We had an awesome time and as always, can't wait to do it again!


D.Jackson said...

Thanks for the nice comments, but honestly, I think I'm the one that has the most fun. I look forward to the brunch all year long and can't wait til next time. And you're so right . . . those little girls are the sweetest. - Deborah

Crystal said...

Love the lip gloss pics..LOL!