Let The Christmas Crafting Begin!

Ready for another super easy craft?


It's another cheapo too. Here's what you need:


- A few empty jars, I used an old candle and a spaghetti sauce jar. Then I decided I wanted a big ole huge snowman so I made Josie eat apple sauce with every meal for a whole week so I could use that jar too!
- Some white tissue paper
- Glue
- Scraps of black and orange felt
- Tea light candles

Tear your tissue paper into strips and glue them on the jars. If the paper tears, just cover the hole with another strip.


(don't you love how I photograph white tissue paper on white sheets?!? I'm so smart!)


Then let those babies dry.

Once they are dry, cut out felt eyes and mouth and a carrot nose and glue them on.


And that's it!

Throw a tea light in each one and display them proudly! They are gorgeous at night!



Disney said...

Oh this is so cute!! I'm going to feature it on my sidebar tomorrow.
And I was reading your "about me" section, and we are so much alike, it's scary! Except I don't watch project Runway, but if I had TV then I probably would!
P.S. You're daughter is the most adorable creature!!! You are so blessed to have her :o)

Disney said...

Um....I just realized that I had planned on featuring this, and then totally forgot about it by the next morning! I am SO sorry! I can be so completely brainless sometimes! I will be putting it up tomorrow! (I really will this time!)