Sneak Peak!

I've had Josie's Halloween costume all planned out since October 30th of last year!

I was going to make it myself, but I chickened out and asked my Mom's good friend to make it instead.

I about died when I opened the package yesterday!
It is exactly, completely, totally what I dreamed it would be!

But for now, this is all you get...





Anonymous said...

Initial R.A.
Has a friend...or is it brother named Andy.

Jen Chandler said...

Aaahhh! A teaser! Can't wait to see her in whatever it is. She'll be darling, of course :)


bri said...

oooohhhh that is so not right! ;)

my guess is Minnie mouse??

Brooke said...

She's so going to be Little Red Riding Hood, isn't she? I'm totally jealous. That's what I was when I was little, and my brother was the big bad wolf. My mom made both our costumes. I wanted T to be that this year, but I couldn't find one that I liked, and I do not have any sewing skills at all!

Can't wait to see Josie in this costume, even if my guess is wrong :)

Amber said...

I know what it is!!! and it turned out so cute. Can't wait to see it on her on Friday!

Kameron said...

Not fair! I wanna see more!

kimmer said...

OH SO CUTE!!!!!!!! I am so happy that she seems to like it! So funny that she wants to be "red riding hood" but doesn't know who it is!! I promise I will make up a whole new story for her and there will Not be a wolf involved!!! I am excited to see her in person!!!!