So far, this is a crappy week.

And it's only 8 AM on Monday.

My car is in the shop.

Andrew's truck totally broke down in Macon this morning.

Josie decided she was scared of the dark last night.

I am tired, stressed, and have no clue how to help Andrew deal with his stress and tiredness.

I just pray that this isn't how the rest of the week goes.

Does anyone else feel like they just can't catch a break sometimes?!?!


The Glovers said...

we have an army of ants that Tiffany is currently battling in the boys bathroom - it looks like they are so bad I may have to take off and go fight them - pest control can't come out because the ants are living in the sink area and its illegal for the pest people to mess with water sources...so, yeah.

Kameron said...

It stinks when it all comes at you at once. It is easy to get overwhelmed! Sorry to hear about all of the car troubles. I still don't have my car back from the shop after it was vandalized. I am with you on a resounding UGH!

Amber said...

It always seems like it all happens at the same time. It will get better I promise and it can always be worse. Give yourself that cry, it always make me feel better. Let me know if you need anything! : )

Anonymous said...

me! me! me! but i think mine beats yours

bri said...

completely! My days start and end with a headache most days. NOTHING goes as planned.

I am so sorry things are out of whack right now. Hopefully after today's stressful situations the week will only bring goodness!