The Return of NOT ME MONDAY

Dear Not Me Monday,

I have not seen you in many moons and I greatly miss you. I have way too many Mommy Blunders to avoid you any longer.
I hope you will still be my friend even after I tell you how great I was this week by ensuring that I did not do any of the following:

It so was not my fully potty trained daughter that peed on the carpet at Target last week. If my daughter had peed on the floor, surely I would have told someone instead of just leaving the puddle on the floor and scurring in the other direction.

I did not send Andrew to the store to secure a bottle of wine this week after a particularly stressfilled day. And I know I didn't proceed to drink said bottle of wine while emerged in a bubble bath while ignoring my husband and child outside the door.

We are a veggie loving family who always get our "5 a day the color way" so I'm sure if you asked me, I would be able to tell you when the last time we had veggies on our plate was.

I am just as skinny as I was in high school. I have not gained a single ounce. So I know that it wasn't me who had to use a rubber band to secure my jeans the other day.
And I know I wouldn't have taken a picture of such a fashion no no.


I have way more pride then that.
I love making homemade presents with lots of thought put in them. So if you see a lady running around Target looking for the perfect birthday/adoption day gift on the way to her party, it won't be me.
I feel bad for whoever did do all that.


JStantonChandler said...

Oh my gooness! What a weekend! We all have NOT ME moments (some of us..ahem...me...more often than others).

BTW, I love your banner with your pretty pink princess. The boots are awesome :) She's sure got some spunk!

Happy Monday,

Maura said...

Your daughter is so incredibly cute! There have been a few days this week that I have put my pants on and if I had known this trick I would have used it. Sadly I just never wash my jeans anymore so they fit me. I probably shouldn't be telling people this though:)Gotta love Mondays!

Sandy Hop said...

Awesome post! Love your blog!

Shelly said...

wonderful not me's. I've never gotten a nice drink for myself to wind down.

Kristi said...

Funny not me's. Another foster adoptive mom here, still waiting for my girl however. Your daughter is SO CUTE!!

See you around McMama's.