A Perfect Day

Yesterday I woke up to hear Andrew getting Josie up so that I could sleep in. I love when he does that.

When I did decide to get myself out of bed, I walked out of our bedroom and found these,


A dozen gorgeous Fall colored roses!

Andrew doesn't do stuff like this all the time and when he does it is always totally unexpected. They are so very pretty.

Then I walked around the corner and found a full pot of fresh coffee.

Ahhhh, Andrew sure knows the way to my heart!

The weather was cool enough for sweatshirts, which I love love love.

And Mr. Terry dropped off a new tent for Josie that kept her laughing and jumping for over two hours!



Andrew made us a huge breakfast, like he does on all his days off, and we sat on the back porch talking while the kids played.

After baths we jumped in the truck for a drive to Atlanta to go to Whole Foods.

Everyone behaved, we got all stocked up, and then Andrew actually filled the truck up with gas!

We ate yummy chicken quessadillas for dinner and went to our DFACS meeting where we won a free night at a hotel!

Which we gave to another couple since we felt bad taking it when we don't even have any placements right now.

Josie fell right asleep when we got home.

Yup, yesterday was an absolutely perfect day.


Brooke said...

Definitely sounds like a perfect day!

Anonymous said...

Love the roses..They are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!