Miss Olivia Kate Is Here!

After 9 1/2 long months, David and Amber have finally welcomed Little Miss Olivia Kate into the World!

Amy and I dropped these two peanuts over at Grammy and Poppy's so that we could have some uninturpted baby snuggling time.


Look at them.
Totally unaware that they are now old news!

Olivia Kate is absolutely stunning.
With her cute button nose and head full of hair. (Blonde hair, right David?!?!)


I tried to get some full on shots of her, but I wore the wrong shirt for that.
As Josie would say, "Me boobie showed out."


She ended up weighing 9 pounds and 2 oz and is super long!

And guess what, Amber said she slept through the night! They actually had to wake her up to feed her!

Perfect babies give me Baby Fever like crazy.

And if Olivia keeps kicking off her Baby Lowjack, I just might get my chance to bring this one home in my purse!

Amber will probably be at the hospital until Saturday and then I'm sure she'll be sharing all the details over at her blog.


Crystal said...

She's precious!

Brooke said...

Congrats to Amber. And at over 9lbs, you would more likely need an overnight bag to sneak her out in rather than your purse!