Mom's Day Off

Amy called me last week with a wonderful idea.

After arranging for babysitters we jumped in the car and declared yesterday an official Mom's Day Off.

Which I believe should be a new tradition.

I had to take a picture to prove that we actually went somewhere without anyone in the backseat!

2009 182

It was strangely quiet.

What was destined to be a great day, became even better when the coffee shop messed up our coffee order and then proceeded to make us new ones with an extra shot of espresso and let us keep the messed up ones.

You could have sent me home right then and I would have declared it a perfect day!

And the messed up ones turned out to be even better then the fixed up ones!

2009 180

Of course I finished my first huge coffee and proclaimed the need to empty my bladder before I started my second one, just in time for us to be smack dab in the middle of a traffic oddity.

Every lane was stopped by a State Trooper.

They were just sitting there.

Then they all started going about 45 mph with all of Atlanta following behind.

Eventually we caught up with the rest of traffic and the Troopers turned off their lights and just acted like nothing happened.

2009 181

I quit trying to figure out Atlanta traffic about five minutes after I moved here, but this one had me guessing.

2009 183

I'm sure I'll never learn what was happening which will probably annoy me for the rest of my life.

We spent the day at Northpoint Mall going into whatever stores we wanted for as long as we wanted without any babies pulling at us, needing to be fed, or having to go potty a million times.

It was amazing.

However, we did learn that we are not quite up to par with the newest fashions.

Every store was selling this amazingly, disgustingly, ugly vest in some form or fashion.

2009 184

Add that to the jumpsuit that Amy refused to try on so I could get a picture and I've decided I'm perfectly fine being a tee shirt and jeans kind of girl.

About five hours into our Mom's Day Off, Amy's husband and Mom started calling warning us of a major flood on the interstate and traffic jams all over the city.

We decided to leave and were slightly annoyed when there was absolutly no flooding or traffic on the way home.

Oh well, Mom's Day Off was great and I was missing my monkey like crazy anyways.

Next month, we're turning off our phones!


Kameron said...

They are trying to bring back some crappy clothing trends. The 80's had no business returning, fashion wise anyway! Glad you had fun on your mom's day off!