It's So Nice


To have good friends.

We had a surprise play date on Thursday with the Glover Boys and The Bene Babes.

The weather has been so nice a cool that it's the perfect time to have friends over.
Us Mama's can sit on the back porch and catch up while the Little Bits run free with no fear of hot slides or sweat in their eyes.

I love getting to see these kids growing up together. I think that is one of my favorite parts of being a Mom.

I remember my first best friend, Shaun. He was a nut.

And so are all these guys. I know Josie will have a lifetime worth of memories with these guys.

And with them protecting her, I am hoping that no other guys stand a chance at dating her.

If we ever let her date. Which is doubtful if her Daddy has anything to do with it!

We had a blast guys!