Buffalo Chicken Pizza

We are now two weeks into Andrew's promotion.
He is now over three stores instead of just one.
The stores he is over are about an hour south of us. And even though all his gas is paid for by the company now, he has been spending a few nights a week down there to avoid having to drive back and forth at crazy hours.

It's been hard.
I can't imagine having to do what Brooke is having to do, let alone being a single mom.

Not that Josie is any trouble.
In fact, I'm loving all this one on one I'm getting with her that I had been missing since I started keeping JP.

But nights are lonely.
And man is it hard to sleep without him being right there.
And seriously, there is only so much a two year old has to add to dinner conversation!

But one positive I have found (besides the new paycheck) is that without our incredibly picky man friend around, I can finally try out some recipes that sound so good to me but Andrew would never eat.

A few weeks ago Amber posted a link to a Buffalo Chicken Pizza.
Those who know me know I have a serious addiction to Buffalo Chicken Dip.
It's the reason I go to baby showers.
Just kidding.
But it is a great perk.

Anyways, I knew this was a recipe I had to try and I took tonight to try it out.

oh my lordy!


It was amazing!

I whipped up a pouch of Hidden Valley Ranch mix to use as the ranch sauce, covered some shredded chicken with Frank's Buffalo Sauce, and layered that with mozzarella cheese (that's not spelled right is it?) all on top of a fresh dough from the fridge.
I used a dough that we buy in the refrigerator section at Whole Foods, but you can use the pillsbury pizza dough too.

It baked for 19 minutes at 350 degrees.

It is a little on the hot side, but I'm a whimp about spicy stuff. We ate it with carrot sticks and that cooled our mouths down.

It was so so good!

Josie ate a few bites, but it was a little spicy for her.


She ended up eating carrots and cereal.

Oh well, just means more for me!


Ashley said...

GEEZ! I KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE WITHOUT A HUBBY!!! The lack of sleep... I can agree!!! When Chris is out for a couple weeks for training (every 3 months or so...) and out for duty (AT LEAST one night a month) I don't sleep much!!! Try having a conversation with a dog!!! It's a lot worse! LOL Glad everything is working out with Waffle House though!! I'm very happy for ya!

Brooke said...

I've been bad and have been letting T spend some evenings cuddling in bed with me until she falls asleep. I know this is just opening up a can of worms I don't want to open, but at least I'm cuddling up to someone, even if she is a bit squirmy and manages to push me to the edge of a king size bed!

The pizza sounds so yummy! Wish I could get up the energy to even cook :)