We Finally Had A Cookout

Last Summer we had all of our friends over for a cookout at least two times a month.
This year, not a one.

So when Andrew had an actual Saturday off we thought it would be the perfect time to get everyone together.
I couldn't believe it when everyone was able to come on such short notice!

Everett brought over his T-Ball set!
After Josie got nailed in the head by Luke's amazing swing (ouch!) she was ready to play!

2009 080

She got a pair of boots at a consignment sale and refuses to take them off!
Luckily she has lots of pink shirts that match!

2009 081

It is crazy how much all of the kids have grown this Summer.


Hmmm, looks like Ean isn't too sure about Josie pushing him!


Mr. Terry had the four wheelers all gassed up so we could take them out.

2009 077

The weather was perfect for a cookout. We all spent the whole night outside.

2009 084


I learned pretty quick that my yard might be gorgeous, but it's not the best place for wild two year olds anymore!

Julian had soaked himself with fishy fountain water within the first half hour of the cookout!


After we got Scott to quit hogging the four wheeler Tiff and I got a turn.

I hadn't gone for a ride yet so I had a blast. Even if I did scream the whole time!



Sheena even took Julian and Unborn Baby Cruz for a ride!

Just don't tell her Ob-gyn!

2009 058

With any luck, this will be the last time we all hang out before Baby Olivia Kate makes her grand enterance!

2009 089

I am pretty sure at least one, usually two at a time, of my friends has been pregnant for the past three years!

It was a great night full of fun, laughter, and love.


Our friends really are the greatest.



We ended the night with the girls in the kitchen and the guys watching the Georgia game!

2009 074

Amy, Andrew has made up his mind that he wants to steal Matalie, so I'd keep an eye on him!


The Benefields said...

I'm pretty sure her daddy would have something to say about that.

Kameron said...

I love cookouts with friends! It makes me sad that cookout weather is quickly coming to an end here. :o( Hopefully Amber pops this week!

The Glovers said...

you did a great job on the blog - I expected nothing less!

Thanks for having us. We're sorry about the cole slaw. We'll have to make it up to you guys some how.