Soften My Heart

We have started going back to Rock Springs Church in Milner.

I love love love it.

It's funny to me because six months ago I hated the old fashioned music and felt like the church was just too big.

Now I find myself singing the songs all day and feel like I know a ton of people there.

Nothing about the church changed, God just changed my heart.

I love when he does that.

Last night while we were at church, I felt like God was confirming something that I have known for a while, that I have a hardened heart towards some people in my life.

I think I have become a much more positive and forgiving person then I was four or five years ago, but sometimes I let stuff get under my skin.

And instead of just letting it go or giving the situation over to God, I start to think mean things.

Not super mean things. More like hoping they reap the repercussions of their actions.

But that isn't up to me.

In fact, it shouldn't concern me at all.

Lately it's gotten worse. I have been truly upset about it every time I do it, but for some reason I keep thinking those things.

So I've decided that I am going to start praying for excellent, good, above all expectation things to happen to these people.

I'm going to pray that God blesses them and gives them the desires of their hearts.

I am hoping that these positive prayers will push out any negative thoughts.

This got me thinking about the way God wants us to pray.

It's so easy for people, myself included, to pray for the health, finances, and faith of our friends and families, but God didn't tell us to stop there.

How much more "dying to self" does it take to pray for those you don't agree with? The people who get on your nerves or you feel don't deserve your prayers?

God called us to pray for our leaders. Even if we didn't vote for them or agree with their policies.

I am sure that God is going to teach me a lot as I push my own agenda to the side and start to focus on praying for the people I usually leave out.