Happy Birthday Uncle Shiggys!

We had an awesome Saturday yesterday.
After a super fun date night with the Mabreys Josie decided she wanted to spend the night with her Nana and Grandpa so Andrew and I got to have the entire night off.
It was great, but the house seems so strange without her in it!
Saturday we rushed over to get our monkey and then headed up to Buckhead to get Andrew (and of course Josie and I too!) some much needed clothes.
I think it's been about two years since Andrew has gotten any new clothes and he was on his last pair of jeans!
We struck it big at Gap. All the clearance was an additional 40% off. I passed on a couple things for Josie that I am just kicking myself for. I'm going to try to convince Amy to go back with me tomorrow!
We had told Josie that we were going to have a birthday party for her Uncle Shiggins that night so she spent the whole time at the mall asking if there was "cake at this store?!?!"When Andrew announced that he was totally over shopping for the next two years, we headed back to Nana's to celebrate this crazy guy's 20th birthday! I used to think he was SO much younger then us, but now that he's 20 he seems just a little younger then us!
It was a gorgeous night so we went swimming for a bit.
The water effects at the pool are finally up and running. They were so much fun!Check out Josie's new swimsuit! Adorable!When the wind decided to blow hard enough to knock down the stone table and almost impale Josie with the umbrella, we headed back to the house for a cookout and cake!
Josie pooted in Andrew's face after dinner.
Yup, she's definatly his kid.I have got to get the recipe for this cake and pass it on to y'all. It was amazing!Look at all those candles!Happy Birthday Uncle Baby Shiggins! We love you!