Open For Interpretation

My Little Lukey gave me a fabulous piece of artwork last week. It's me, Amy, Luke, Matalie, and Josie.

I'm not sure if what I find more humorous, the fact that he made Amy about 3 times larger then me or that she's pushing me over while the 3 kids run away!

And Amy seems pretty happy about pushing me down.

***For the record, Amy is most defiantly NOT 3 times larger then me! Well, in some, uh hum, areas she might be, but not overall!

I love kids art.
I think it is amazing to see how their brains start to interpret the world around them.

My first drawing of a person was of my Dad. He had a big head and arms and legs coming right out of it.

My drawings of people still look a lot like that now that I think about it....

This art is proudly placed on my fridge and gives me a good chuckle every time I pass it.

And yes, I do "chuckle." It's great therapy.


Kameron said...

You guys look like giant pickles!! I'd run away from you too! ;o)