Bathroom Redo!

For the past few months I have been dying to do some sort of decorating.

It didn't help matters when I found about a million blogs dedicated to making your house beautiful.

But the decorating bug bit right when Andrew was down in sales and our mortgage went up and then WH decreased his bonus plan.

So when I made some cash at our yard sale, I headed right to the paint store to get a painting fix!

I have picked out paint for all the rooms I am going to paint, but decided to start with our downstairs bathroom.
I picked a chocolate brown called Terrance Brown and I l-o-v-e it!

Here are some pictures of the room before:Tan, tan, tan.Boring, boring, boring.And then there was this mysterious spot that appeared after last years Christmas party. I don't even want to guess what that is!
I used the Walmart paint so I wasn't sure how well it would cover, but it worked great!
I did end up doing two coats, but that is because I missed a bunch of places the first go round.
I took the pictures on a cloudy day so I had to use my flash.
I hate my flash.I spray painted most of the decorations Ivory and love the way the pop off the wall now!And here is the most unhelpful painter around!
To her defense I did just ask her to come keep me company while I painted.
And now that Andrew has been promoted I will be able to finish up the painting in the next few months!

God Bless you Waffle House!


Amber B. said...

I love that brown color. Our downstairs bath is also dark brown, and it took two coats. I think it always does with such a dark color! Looks awesome!!!

Amber said...

Looks Great!!!

Kameron said...

It is like instant satisfaction to paint a room! Luckily that bathroom looks pretty small! We are about to embark on a 3 room extravaganza! First Natey's big boy room , then the nursery and then (if I'm not sick of it by then) our bedroom! I can't wait.

Crystal said...

Whoa, that looks awesome! Love the color and the spray paint job on the crosses!