Bathroom Curtains, Nester Style!

I found this fabric at Wally World and decided to try The Nester's Window Mistreatments for the downstairs bathroom.They were so insanely easy!

I can't wait to do all the styles in the other rooms! If only I could find fabric for our bathroom...

Meet my new best friend: This stuff is amazing!

Unlike these: Which were impossible for even Andrew to open!

We did end up getting them to work.

Here are the curtains:
Then I added a little fabric to our hand towel to tie it all together!

oh how I dispise the flash on my camera.

I love this fabric. I'm trying to decide if it would be too much if I used it to cover our couch pillows.

Next up: Kitchen Redo!


Amber said...

Love it! Love the fabric!

Crystal said...

Gorgeous! And the flash on your camera is insane..LOL!