Potty Time

I've been threatening to start potty training Josie for almost six months now.
It seems like everytime I'm about to spend a few days getting serious about it, I start to get all mooshy about my baby growing up and decide to keep her as much of a baby as I can for a little longer.

However, my baby girl is tired of waiting for me.

About a week ago she started coming up to me with wide eyes saying, "pee pee Mama." So I'd haul her to the bathroom and she would go.
I figure if she's telling me before she goes, she is pretty much as ready as she's gonna be.
So for the past two days we've had a bottomless toddler running around.
Which has seriously cut down on our diaper count.
She's been doing great. She peed on Amy's floor once and on our sidewalk a couple times, but for the most part she's been staying dry.
I haven't attempted sleeping without a diaper (even though she wakes up dry) or going out without one.

I really don't have a method for potty training. From what I've been reading on other people's blogs, every kid is different.
So far I've learned that she is much better about remembering to tell me she has to go if she doesn't have a diaper or undies on. And that she goes to the bathroom way more then an adult does.

I'm still not pushing it.
We'll get there slowly but surely.
She has decided that M&M's aren't her thing, Jelly Beans are more up her alley.

My baby girl is growing up.


bri said...

haha I am sure you have seen all the comments on my blog about the training. You and they are correct. Every child is different.

I did find that the best way to help them out though is to let them go without any bottoms on completely (like you are doing).

I did that with Bear for about 2.5 - 3 weeks and then incorporated the undies. Now he will go in the potty instead of his undies. There has been 2 or 3 accidents in a week (which is great!). And that is with us traveling and all with him in undies. I still ask him intermittently if he has to go "potty" and he runs to the restroom. But for the most part he can and will tell me now.

My hardest feat was being on the road and hearing the infamous "pooootyyyyy" from the back seat. We carry his little potty chair with us and just pull over. Just until he further learns his body and how to hold his bowels until we get to a restroom.

You are going to love her being potty trained...even if she is growing up! It is so fun taking them into a restroom and helping them onto the toilet, such an accomplishment! hand sanitizer is key! :)

Amber said...

Loving the potty in the kitchen!