Planning A Mass Murder

We're having a whole lotta folks over this afternoon for a cookout so Josie and I have been busy getting the yard all ready.
This morning we headed out to clean up our never used front porch.
I love my knockout roses. They stay gorgeous all Summer.
At least, they used to.
When I leaned down to pick a couple weeds I noticed this:And then I saw this: ALL OVER!
When my eyes adjusted, I saw THESE ALL OVER!
And they appear to be, how shall I say? Mating.So all you gardening experts, how do I kill about 500 beetles that are eating the heck out of my roses???


Amber said...

I have absolutely no gardening advice. I kill everything.

Have fun with the family today!

Anonymous said...

I told you they are called June bugs because thats the time of year they come out. go to lowes or home depot and tell them that you are having trouble with them and they will give you what you need. they are little trap bags that you hang from a tree in your garden or off your front porch and it attracts them and catches them. that is they only thing that mom could use to get rid of them. mh.nn vhvbn.....and that was matalie telling you goodnight and she loves you :)

Anonymous said...

I have the same problems on my knock-out roses. The bags attract more beatles. I recommend using Sevin powder. It saved my roses last summer from the pesky beatles.