Full House

We had a house full yesterday!

If you follow my blog at all you know we are foster parents.
Josie came home to us in October of 2007 and in November of 2007 we got a call for a sibling group of 3 little boys who needed an adoptive home. We talked about it and decided that it just wasn't for us since we had just got our baby girl.
We prayed for the boys and thought that was the end of it.
A week later we got a call from Andrew's aunt and uncle wanting to ask us a favor. I knew before she even said it that it had to do with the three boys.
Andrew's aunt and uncle had already adopted three little girls, in fact they are the ones who even got us starting to think about doing foster care. Their youngest daughter, Gracie, was 6 and her adoption had been finalized for a few years so their home had been closed.
But they felt like God was telling them that these three little boys belonged to them.
The problem was that they would need to go through all the IMPACT classes again in order to open their home before they could take them.
But the boys didn't have that time to wait.
So they asked if we would take them until they could get their home approved.
We said yes immediately, and in the span of one month, went from a family of two to a family of six!
It was insane and busy and fun and totally orchestrated by God.

Since then, the boys adoptions are finalized and the whole family, all eight of them, moved to Missouri for a job.
We have missed them like crazy. But Grant, the oldest boy, has decided that he wants to be baptised so the family loaded up their 15 passenger van and drove back to Georgia for a month long vacation so that Grant could be baptised at the church that he gave his heart to God in.

Last night we had them over for a cookout. We also had both sets of grandparents, Aunt Tracey, and her own miracle twins over!

The swing set saw more action then ever!I tried to get a picture of all the kids together but getting 9 kids between the ages of 21 months and 11 to sit in the same spot is beyond my level of expertise.
Josie spent the day with Aunt Sherina.
This woman is such an inspiration to me. Most of my parenting style I learned from her. Six kids and she is never frazzled. And you should see how well behaved they all are! Andrew made his awesome burgers while the kids played with Praying Mantis' and Tree Frogs.
This is Grant and Casey. They melt my heart.
Grant told me that he misses us so much and that he has been praying to come see us every night since he left! Too sweet.
Aunt Tracey and I were going through all the fertility testing at the same time a few years ago. We became super close but since the Hubbard's moved we never get to see each other.
They ended up doing in-vitro and now have the cutest twins, Addison and Beckam.
Josie loved having so many kiddos to play with. She ended up falling asleep in the swing before everyone left! Josie and Casey were actually in the same foster home before they were together at our house which is weird.
When we finalized Josie's adoption we got a pack of pictures from when she was first born and I freaked when I saw Casey in them!We ended the night with the newest attraction at our house, four wheeler rides!

I have no idea how the Hubbard's do it. They were here for about 7 hours and I can barely wake up today!


bri said...

WOW! how quickly one's life can change... even if for only 7 hours!!! :)

Looks like lots of fun!