June Books

Josie and I are lounging around in our red, white, and blue waiting for all the festivities to start so I thought I'd go ahead and review the books I finished in June.
I keep forgetting to blog about them when I finish so I am going to start doing what Amber is doing and just do a review at the end of each month for all the books I've read.

The last two that I read were both Jodi Picoult books.
I am kinda sad that I've read pretty much all of them. Now I have to find another author that I like!

I read, The Tenth Circle first. It was about a teenage girl and her family. She claims that her ex-boyfriend raped her and he denies it. The whole book is about the trail and all the events that lead up to the night of the attack.
It was good, but then it just sort of ended. I am noticing that about most of her books. They are awesome page turners right up until the last couple pages then she rushes the end.
I suppose it's hard to wrap up a 500 page book.
Amy wasn't impressed with the end either.

Then I read, 19 Minutes. This one was about a school shooting done by a kid who had been bullied since he was in kindergarten.
I remember when Columbine happened vividly so I found this book really interesting. It felt like you were there while it was all happening and by the middle of the book you really start to feel bad for the kid that did it.
This time the ending wasn't rushed, but I kept expecting some sort of twist that never came.

The Pact finally came into our library so I'm reading that one now.


Cunz Family said...

I love her books! Emily Giffin has 4 books that are really good, in order they are called "something borrowed" "something blue" "baby proof" and "love the one your with" all are very good. The first 2 have the same characters so have to be read in order. I would recommend those books if you're looking for a new author. Happy reading!