My Little Firecracker!

We had an awesome 4th of July!
It's one of my favorite holidays. We usually try to get a bunch of people together, but this year we wanted to keep it a little more low key.
We ended up having the Benefield's over for a cookout and cards and then heading over to Griffin City Park to watch fireworks.
We went to the City Park last year too and were impressed. We thought they would be lame since Griffin is, well, kinda lame. But they were great and were just as good this year.

Matalie was excited to show off her patriotic side.
Of course Amy and I had to celebrate with a bit of wine.
We had awesomely delish burgers with enough sides to fill an army and then ate peach cobbler, ice cream, and watermelon until we were ready to burst.
We played some cards,

And then headed out to the park.

Josie had to relinquish her paci to Matalie so she got a prize for being such a big girl. We decided it was a good time to go ahead and start working on getting rid of them all together.I made her dress out of an old tank top. It turned out cute, but I didn't get the measurements quite right so it was a bit short.Luke got kidnapped by his Grammy so we were down one munchkin.See why she's be bestie?She's actually laughing because Josie just shot a golf ball right in between her boobums.

Josie loved the fireworks!I hope everyone else had a great 4th!