Decorating 911

I have officially been bitten by the painting bug.
I spent a good chunk of today going from room to room trying to decide what colors I wanted to paint them in. I decided on all of them, except my kitchen.
That's where I need your help.

We have a really open floor plan and the majority of our house is this same tan color that you see in the kitchen shot below. The only room that is already painted is the dining room that is a gorgeous brick red that I love.
I used a red-brown-green color scheme for the entire open area downstairs so when I was trying to pick a color for the kitchen I really wanted to do some sort of green color. Problem is, the dining room is right next to it.
Can I do a green room right next to a red one?
Does that scream Christmas to anyone else?
There really isn't a lot of wall space in the kitchen so i wouldn't be a ton of green.

This is looking out of our kitchen. I am for sure leaving this large open area tan since there aren't any really defined areas. Most of my accents (painting, curtains, rugs, throw pillows) all have the green in them.I want to keep it earthy and I know that I want to paint it.

So what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Hey, I've been lurking on your blog for a while. You can totally do green next to the red. Pick a very neutral green. I've painted our family room/kitchen (it's all one big room)a great green called "Olive Branch" from Benjamin Moore. It's green, but it reads more like a neutral without being beige. It was the color at my old condo and I liked it so much that I used it again when we moved here. BM paint is kind of pricey, but you could always get a color swatch and get Home Depot to match it. I think Behr is a great paint. Sherwin Williams - not very good quality from my experience.


Anonymous said...

look at the second kitchen picture you posted and the cabinet is setting off a green shadow underneath. that color green would look good in there. wonder if lowes could match a shadow???? :)

Meg A. said...

Green would look awesome! We have a green kitchen right next to our red dining room and I've never thought of Christmas. I think the lack of wall space in a kitchen with all the cabinets helps to make it a little more "muted". Good luck with whatever you choose!

Sarah Goddard said...

I also think that a olive green color or so would look good in there!!! Good Luck!