A New Canvas

I have been dying to get back to Hobby Lobby to get the supplies for a few ideas swimming around in my head but I've been banned from entering their doors until I finish the projects that I already started.
Anyone else do that?
I think I have more fun coming up with the ideas then I do actually making them!

Anywho. I finished up the big canvas that I am putting right when you walk into the playroom. I want to add some beads or something to it to make it pop a bit more but overall, I like the way it turned out.
I free handed this one and liked it a lot more then the ones I tried to trace the lettering for.

I asked Andrew if he thought I was putting too many scripture references in the room and he just laughed. I guess you can never be surrounded by too much Bible!

I have pretty much decided that I am going to start revamping every room in the house. I have picked out paint colors for a few of the rooms and have the general ideas for each one.

Now to get off my keester and actually start!

Before I do that though we are having a few painting parties to finish off the new nurseries for the upcoming additions to our friends families. I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures of them soon!


JStantonChandler said...

I can sympathize! I have to ban myself from craft and book stores both! It's much more fun purchasing the supplies and visualizing the finished results than rolling up my sleeves and putting my nose to the grind stone. However, I have to remind myself, those wonderful ideas will never become amazing realities without all that elbow grease!

Wonderful canvas, by the way!


Amber said...

I went to Hobby lobby today to return something. Of course I ended up spending more than I returned. David hates when I go there.

Sarah Goddard said...

LOVE IT!!! Great job