I should have been doing this: But instead, I spent the day with these cutie pies doing all things Summer!Homemade popsicles, sprinklers, and lots of sunshine can only mean one thing.
Summer has officially arrived in Georgia, bringing with it 90 degree days.Today we are busting out the kiddie pool while we wait for the brand spanking new pool to open in Josie's Nana's neighborhood.
And don't think we forgot about baby Matalie.I'd show you a picture of Amy, but she was all greased up trying to catch up to my new golden tan.
Good luck with that girlfriend.

I discovered a new hairdo for Miss Josie that I love.
It is not easy to french braid curly hair.
Especially on a two year old.
But it's adorable and keeps it out of her face so it's a keeper.

Andrew is off the next couple days so we have been doing lots of family stuff. We even went on a walk at the nature trail by our house.

Tomorrow is a crazy busy day and we are having our first Faith Group meeting at our house. We got tired of all the groups that say they want to do life together and end up being nothing more then random meetings with strangers so we decided to try to start one with our friends and really do life together. Support each other, hang out together, grow in our Faith together, and really be friends.

I can't wait!


Jakesmommie said...

Hey! You left a comment not long ago about smocking. I am just getting started so no website yet. Josie is a CUTEIE! We are hoping to have or adopt one more little one. I have been really encouraged by y'alls story. Tell me more about Faith Group.We are looking for something with our ss class

Kameron said...

I think you picked the right thing to do. Laundry can always wait!!