And We're Back

We had a blast at my Dad's this weekend!
We swam everyday, gave the cat a million treats, and ate awesome food!But mostly we just swam and laughed!We did take a break on Saturday to do (what else?) shop!
Josie scored some awesome new Crocs and more outfits then she needed! Gotta love Grandparents!
And because I am addicted to Gymboree, I snuck in there and found a TON of hair accessories for .49 cents! Plus some tank tops cause a baby as cute as Josie has got to show off her tan.Then it was back to the house for more pool time!
It melts my heart to see my Dad with his Josie Girl.
I had never seen my Dad around babies until Josie came around and let me just say that she has his heart. It is so obvious how much he loves her.
And who could blame him!?!?If you ever find yourself in Keystone Heights (which I guess you probably won't) there are two places you HAVE to eat, Terrell's BBQ and Satchel's.
We didn't make it to Satchel's this time, but we did have some kick butt BBQ from Terrell's.It's just a little trailer, but Sweet Mama is the BBQ Chicken good!This was the first time that I got to spend this much time with my Dad since he moved to Florida. And it was great.
And Josie did so well. She didn't start crying for her Daddy until we got in the car to come home.And anytime you end a weekend like this:You know you had a good time!

Thanks for everything Dad! You're the greatest!


Kameron said...

She looks pooped in that last shot!! Your tan is coming along nicely too! I, on the other hand, and almost see through. i wish our weather would cooperate so i could get un-pale soon! Have a safe drive home!

Centsational Girl said...

Oh my, that girl is precious ! I love Gymboree, and we just got an outlet nearby, so I have to physically restrain myself to not go in there and spend a fortune.