Cruisin' Together

Josie and I made it down to Florida without a hitch.
I've decided she is my favorite road trip partner.We made one quick stop at Starbucks for a diaper change and a little treat to celebrate our first Mother Daughter trip.
Everyone "Ohhed" and "Ahhed" over her and how ridiculously cute she is.
Little Stinker.

We got to my Dad's at about 3:30 and by 3:35 she had convinced my Dad to take her in the pool.

We have been in the pool almost all day everyday. Which is fine by me. I lather her up with sunscreen, since I'm trying to catch up to her tan, and out we go.When we aren't outside, she is busy entertaining her Grandma, Grandpa, and both my little sisters. She has a full audience here.We are going out and about today for some fun expeditions.

I desperately miss Andrew, but it is so great to be with family. Now that I know Josie handles the 5 hour drive so well, we will for sure be coming more often!


jwhitacre said...

Josie is just the cutest little thing!! Love your blog! :)