Show Me Where You Live - Children's Rooms!

Hmmm, what could be behind this door? It's Princess Josie's Garden Room!

And there's Princess Josie straight from her nap!
I did a tour of her room a few months ago, but we've done a couple projects so I thought I'd show it again.
Afterall, it is one of my favorite spots!

We just found those paper lanterns at Serendipity in Griffin and they are just what the room needed!
Josie has never tried to climb out of her crib and she sleeps, well, like a baby in it so we haven't moved her to a big girl bed yet.I bought her bedding from Pottery Barn Kids about 4 years before she was even born!
I was a little baby obsessed.
Luckily, it fits her and her room just the way I hoped it would!This armour was Andrew's Maw Maw's.
It is beautiful. I love that her clothes are in the same spot Maw Maw's were.The top of it is covered with family pictures.And this poem:
If you are an adoptive Mom, you need to go read it.
It melts my heart.My Mom made her that bullitin board and had the growth chart made for her.The hooks are just from Micheals and then we painted them to match.
The apron is from some foreign place my Mom traveled to.
I love the way it looks hanging there!Now that our yard is turning into an actual yard, Josie has a great veiw!And here is my favorite part of her room...

And to think there are mornings I am convinced she has nothing to wear!
I had to take the shower curtain rod out of our guest room so that I could have another row to hang stuff up on!
And thanks to Amy and Darlene, the girl has more shoes then I do!
Since I had already shown her room awhile back, I thought I'd throw in her bathroom.

Right now, she has the hall bathroom.
Whenever Baby Number Two decides to come around, the guest room, that has a bathroom in it, will become her room and bathroom.

Amy and I are about to paint this bathroom as soon as I can decide what shade of green I want to do it in.

Here it is from the hall.
Complete with the sign I made, Spelling errors and all.
I decided that until she can read I am going to leave it.

I know, I'm lazy. She has a HUGE mirror and a double sink. Perfect for munchkin sleepovers!
I bought the towels, toothbrush holder (that houses M&M's for potty training instead of a toothbrush!), soap dispenser, and cup on clearance at Pottery Barn Kids when we were in Arizona.
I absolutely love the colors and I think they will grow with her perfectly.I just added a couple decorations.
She made the flower at one of the festivals I took her to and the Minnie Mouse sign was a gift to me from my Daddy back in 1996!
I was 5.

Just kidding. (Stop laughing Amy.)I love, love, love the message he wrote me on the back of it.
Exactly the way I feel about Josie Girl.And here is the actually bathing/potty area.
Obviously there is better lighting in there!
These are the same colors as the rest of the room, just a lot clearer here.It took me forever to find a shower curtain that I liked. I found this baby at Target and I was smitten instantly.
I waited a long time to be able to decorate a little girl's room and I am in love with the way hers turned out.

Well, that's it for Josie's domain!

Oh, who am I kidding?!!? The whole house is that kids domain!

Come back next friday for more sneak peaks! And check out all the other awesome home tours over at Kelly's Korner!


Lani said...

ADORABLE!!!! I love it! Izzy's room is not nearly as cute! We have pottery barn bedding as well but it is more unisex, twinkle twinkle kinda theme.

Izzy has never tried to climb out of her crib either so she too is still in it happily.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Love, love the whole thing! The lanterns are AWESOME and I love that the sign is misspelled! I couldn't read it, but you have to leave it! That's awesome. The whole room is adorable!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

What a wonderful room! So cozy!

Mrs. Nurse Boy