Where she lays her head...

So, I'm a total snoop.
I will look in your windows if your curtains are up.
I will listen to your conversation if your talking loud enough for me to hear.
I love, love, love, when any of you do a tour of your home or show pictures of how you've decorated a room.
I wanted to show you all how great Josie's new curtains look and I figured, if I like snooping so much, some of you might too!

So I though, why not show you her whole room!?!
My mom helped me make her name letters a couple weeks after we brought her home. I love them and will use them in her room until she becomes a rebelious teen who hates pink. (Which I'm still hoping is a phase we can skip!)
I bought her bedding 3 years before we ever knew she was coming! It was on clearance at Pottery Barn Kids and I loved it so much I couldn't pass it up! My mom made her that bulletin board. I love it!
And the shadeless lamp? Another clearance buy from Pottery Barn Kids. I still haven't found a shade that will fit on it! Opps!My own little Van Gough painted and colored these works of art! This armor was Andrew's MawMaw's.
Having things that were hers means so much to me. I love thinking that Josie's clothes are hung in the same place that MawMaw's were.
I try to keep lots of updated pictures in her room. My family all lives so far away and it's really important to me that she knows who they are and how much they all love her.
I really don't love the way I have her room arranged. We're definitely not maximizing the space. I am horrible at visualizing where furniture should go. I'm hoping to recruit some help with that after we get back from vacation.
And now for the grand reveal...
(I've gotta quit messing with the ISO on my camera! Please excuse all the "noise")
My Mom got the valences at PBK and one of her great friends made the panels! The panels are covered in sweet little polk-a-dots! They are super heavy and lined so that they block out all the light! Nap time will be much more pleasant this summer!
So that's it! Little Josie's room.

I'd love to see where your little ones lay their heads!


Crystal said...

So cute! I love the curtains and the letters!

I really hope when I finally start having kids that I have a sweet little girl so I can have all this cute pink stuff too!

Lani said...

Her room is so cute!!! Love it! You can find pictures of Izzy's room on my blog, but in the archives, I know I posted some before we got her so 12/06 and then more I think after we got her spring probably of 07. Our bedding is from Pottery Barn too.

Brooke said...

Love the room! The curtains are super nice,and you will love the backing that keeps the extra light out! I could show you pictures of what T's room looked like before our move to Dallas. Since our house still hasn't sold in MI, we are in an apartment in Dallas and we share (!) a room for now. I have no desire to decorate a temporary place, as sad as that sounds.

JordanWest said...

Her room is adorable! The curtains are perfect there. I see my purple J pillow too :) It fits well.