The Christmas That Never Ended!

We finally got Josie's Christmas present from her Nana and Grandpa Curt put together last night. Josie is going to think she gets a present every few days if we keep this up! Word on the street is there is a box at the post office as we speak, errr type, with her name on it.
And with her birthday a mere 4 weeks away, I'm sure she'll be seeing some more boxes headed her way.Since the new budget does not have a "fancy nice new camera" section, I'm trying to figure out different things I can do with the one I have. Hence the weird colors. I forgot to tell Andrew to switch it back to auto when he's using it!Josie was very specific about who was to sit in which chair.She had her food set up before Andrew was even done putting it together.Then she spent the rest of the night going from chair to chair, testing them all out.I have a feeling this will be her new eating spot too. I wonder if those chairs can hold all 250 lbs of Andrew?!?

Thanks Nana and Grandpa Curt!


Crystal said...

Love the leggings!