23 Months Old

Two years old is approaching way too fast!
This next month is a very busy one, so I'm sure it will be here before we know it.
I still can't believe that my baby is not so baby anymore! Luckily for me she just started wanting me to pretend she's a baby by rocking her and giving her her sippy cup like a bottle.
Oh, and of course I have to burp her! I think she's picked up on this from hanging out with Little Ean!

So here's what is going on in that little 23 month old mind of hers:

  • I think she can sense that we are about to do away with the Paci because she asks for it almost constantly. She still only gets it at night time though. I am not looking forward to the first few nights without it!

  • If she wants your attention and you aren't looking at her she says, "knock knock" and taps on your leg until you listen to her.

  • She loves to wear my jewelry, especially necklaces.

  • She says "Hi Daddy" a million times in the sweetest voice when Andrew walks into a room.

  • Josie is turning out to be a big old drama queen. If you ask her about things that happened a month or more ago (Boomer pushing her down, Everett pulling her shirt, me pushing her over) she gives a very animated account of what happened.

  • She is learning new words and putting more and more words together, but there is still alot of mumbo-jumbo that comes out of her mouth. I'm convinced one day she will just start talking clearly and blow us all away!

  • She knows she's about to be 2 and can hold up 2 fingers like a pro!

  • She "counts" but every number is 2. She uses her voice like we do for different numbers, but won't get past 2.
  • Every letter is still B, but she has the tune down
  • She loves for me to read her little flip up Bible every night. She can point out the different people by name and she has to pray every night before bed and will remind us if we forget. (when I say "amen" she always asks for "More" so I feel like a bad Christian when I say, no more praying tonight"!
  • She totally understands "you have to eat this if you want some of that" now. It was rough at first, but now she will eat an entire meal just for that one Hershey's Kiss!

  • She loves to push her babies around in her little shopping cart (along with everything else she can fit in there).

  • Every time she picks up her baby she says, "Ewwww, poop!" (her baby might need to adjust her diet!)

  • We've been going to a lot of birthday parties this past month and she seems to think that they are all for her.

  • She thinks tooting is hilarious and makes the funniest face when she does it.

  • She wears her Elmo undies and sits on the potty like a pro. She still won't go potty in it though. (However she did toot on the potty the other day and I got so excited thinking she was going to go that now she tries to toot every time she's on the potty!) (I still haven't found a word I like for "passing gas" so toot will have to do for now!)

  • She thinks we are going to "Aunt Mayme's" to see "OOOKE" every time we get in the car.

  • I guess she thinks we're loaded because she asks us for money every night at dinner.

  • She is more then willing to show anyone, anywhere her Elmo undies!

  • Whenever we talk about Andrew's Mom (Nana) she starts saying, "Nanny Nanny Boo Boo". Not sure where she picked that one up either, but it's pretty funny!Little Miss Josie Kat, you are growing into a pretty awesome toddler. I can't wait to spend everyday getting to know you better. Your gentle spirit and funny ways make you who you are and we love every ounce of it!


Brooke said...

Oh, can you teach me how to get to that "you have to eat this if you want some of that" point? T still does not get it! T also refers to passing gas as "tooting", and I think it's so cute at this age :) Amazing how fast they grow, isn't it?

Kameron said...

It was so cute, just now. I was reading your post an Natey is sitting next to me watching some toons. He looks over to my laptop and points at Josie's picture and says, "that?" I said "That's Josie! Isn't she pretty?" He giggles and says, "Josie, pretty!!" So cute! I love them at this age. I want to freeze him in time sometimes...well, minus all of the No!s and the Mines!!!

bri said...

She is so precious. Hahaha.. It is so fun to see the new things they can do as they grow. It almost happens instantaneously. Don't blink!!!