Why I Will Never Live In A Neighborhood Again.

When I walked into the room from doing, what else, more laundry, I found Josie literally pressed up against the window.
Squishy lips and all.
When I asked her what she was doing she said, "My deer out there."
And indeed they were. We watched them for about 15 minutes before they went back into the woods.A mommy and her baby, just like us.

Andrew would say that he will never live in a neighborhood because he loves peeing off our front porch.

I think I'll stick to the nature watching as my reason.


Betsy said...

How wonderful! How far out are you?

Kameron said...

Guys are so lucky with their pee anywhere talents. I think the deer would be my reason too. Oh and not having neighbors right next to or across from me!

Crystal said...

How precious! It may even convince me to move to the "country"! LOL! My fiance is desperate for it!

Lani said...

we live in a neighborhood and we still get deer in our backyard! The little stinkers have been eating all the birdseed from my bird feeder!