Show Me Where You Live - Home Office

Even though we don't have a "home office" per say, we do have computer and a desk so that will just have to do!

Poor Andrew has been shuffled from room to room as I tried to find a spot that I liked the desk. My biggest regret about our house is that we chose a house plan without an office.
Oh well.
I finally found a spot that I like it, right in the Playroom.
It is messy and doesn't fit in just yet, but I am about to paint it and finish up the fabric as a part of the major Play Room renovation that is going to happen in three short weeks when my Mom comes to help me out!
Right now the area isn't much to look at.
Well, except for this priceless piece of art that we have on the wall!And here's a little sneak peak at my inspiration for the Play Room makeover:It's gonna be bright and girly and oh so wonderful!

I've been working on a million little projects that are going to go in the room like pillows and tables and dress up mirrors (that have been done and redone 3 times already!).
I cannot wait to see it all come together!


Betsy said...

Is that the Sherbert fabric by Moda? I love it.