Half Way Through Our Busy Day

We got up bright and early to go have breakfast with a couple of kids that used to be in the youth group when Andrew was the youth pastor.
They just got their own apartment and wanted to cook for us.
I was scared.
It was exactly what you'd expect from an 18 year old trying to learn to cook.
They are so sweet and it makes me feel old that any of the kids are old enough to live on their own.

Josie is in a new stage (at least I'm hoping it's a stage) where she feels the need to bring the whole house with us when we go out.
This is what was required for a one hour outing:And she insisted on wearing her black shiny shoes.

Tiff and Everett came over to go see Mr. Eric at the library. He's a children's musician and author with crazy hair.Looks a lot like Josie's in the morning!
His songs were so funny and the kids had a blast.

I tried to get a cute picture of Josie and Everett together, but they were so busy jumping around and dancing that all I got was a lot of this: Let's get a close up of those bouncy curls:
Little Ean had no idea what was going on!It was naptime so Mr. Eric started to lose the two year old crowd towards the end.Everett is so GQ.


spearmint baby said...

your daughter is gorgeous! that first photo is too funny!

Brooke said...

T always has to take something with her....we finally are at the point where she understands that she can't take more than one or two items with her at a time!